Intrac Multiform Modular Retail Display Shelving - Trade Cooling Ltd


The Multiform Modular Retail Display Shelving manufactured by Intrac Design and Display and distributed in the UK by Trade Cooling Ltd of Telford provides versatility without the loss of aesthetic appeal.

This practical retail display shelving system by Intrac is constructed from tubular steel that is slotted on 4 sides, meeting the demands of major retail display designers.

Numerous shapes can be created and customised to suit your product through the large variety of accessories including wood, glass and metal to provide endless combinations.

Trade Cooling Ltd of Telford provide distribution to shop fitters across the United Kingdom for Intrac Design and Display Shelving. The specialist team of factory trained project designers based at the company’s Telford facility are available to work with shop fitters and retailers to ensure the optimum use of space and retail impact for your company’s retail environment.

For all enquiries call Trade Cooling Ltd on 01952 684 955.