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The Arneg Malmoe Refrigerated Cabinet from Trade Cooling Ltd is a dual basin island, designed and made using advanced technologies which ensure excellent performance and high energy saving. Both basins work at the same temperature.

Malmoe Refrigerated Cabinet Open Island: Remote Condensing Unit - Trade Cooling Ltd
Arneg Refrigerated Cabinets by Trade Cooling Ltd



MALMOE 3 G4 TN Open Island Refrigerated Cabinet

Technical Features     
 Temperature Normal  Remote Condensing Unit  Ventilated Refrigeration  Electrtic Defrost      
Product Index      
 Meat  Pre Packed Fish  IV Gamma Pre Packed Fruit and Veg        




    MALMOE Open Island, Remote Condensing Unit
Length mm without ends Glass Depth (cm) Working Temperature  °C
 1875 G4 2 x 84 0 / +2