Refrigerated Cabinets - PANAMA

The PANAMA Refrigerated Cabinet by Trade Cooling of Telford offers the Slimmest Remote Multi-deck Cabinet on the market. Available in a number of depth options making it ideal for small and medium sized supermarkets.

 Arneg Panama Refrigerated Cabinet - Trade Cooling Ltd

Arneg Refrigerated Cabinets by Trade Cooling Ltd




 PANAMA 75 Refrigerated Cabinet
ECA Approved

 Technical Features     
 Temperature Normal  Remote Condensing Unit  Ventilated Refrigeration  Off-Cycle Defrost      
 Product Index      
 Meat  Cheese  Fruit and Vegetables  Fresh Milk  Pre Packed Fish  IV Gamma Pre Packed Fruit and Veg  Salami


  Mirror or Glazed
Endwalls 40mm
  Slow Rise Manual Night Blinds
  Shelf Risers


PANAMA 75/203 Refrigerated Cabinet   
 Length mm without ends  Working Temperature  Open Display area m²  Horizontal Display Surface m²  Net Volume dm³ 
 1250  0ºC/+2ºC 
 1,74  2.67  832
 1875  2,61  4.01  1249
 2500  3,49  5.35  1665
 3750  5,23  8.02  2497

Several Height and Depth Options Available - Download Brochure for Details.