Refrigerated Cabinets - AVON 70

The Arneg AVON 70 Remote Multi-deck Refrigerated Cabinet provides an ideal solution for retailers with limited floor space to boost visibility of display stock. Trade Cooling Ltd of Telford distribute Arneg products in the UK.  

 Avon 70 Refrigerated Cabinet - Trade Cooling Ltd

Arneg Refrigerated Cabinets by Trade Cooling Ltd


AVON 70 Refrigerated Cabinet

Ideal for the retailer with limited space or requiring a cost effective answer for the display of drinks / dairy products.

The Avon 70 is only 717mm in depth yet gives a high volume of merchandising space, boasting 5 x 400mm deep adjustable shelves.



Mirror or Glazed
Slow Rise Manual
Night Blinds
Shelf Risers

AVON 70 Refrigerated Cabinet   
 Length mm without ends  Working Temperature  Open Display area m²  Horizontal Display Surface m²  Net Volume dm³ 
 1250    1,96  2.59  823
 1875  +2°C/+4°C  2,94  3.89  1235
 2500    3,92  5.19  1646
 3750    5,87  7.78  2469